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Spacemen is a hugely stylish Soul-Pop song from Connor Mac, layered with beautiful lyrics and silky guitar riffs.


Lyrically, it describes the feeling of being
completely safe in another’s company, where the rest of the world recedes and just the two of you remain. This is something personally experienced by couples of all ages and gives the song potential for wide appeal. 

The song is uplifting lyrically and melodically throughout. Tasteful electric guitar motifs weave behind the vocal melody and drive Spacemen through to its epic ending.


Connor is an up-and-coming artist from New Zealand with a uniquely soulful and organic sound. He grew up in a musical family in the countryside just outside of Palmerston North, New Zealand, and has his roots in music production and live performance.


Being half British has allowed him to perform frequently around Europe to further his music career and to gain live experience. Now, at the age of 22, he is ready to push his self-produced solo
work out to the world.


Spacemen, releasing 19th June 2020, is the exciting first single from his debut album, the rest of which will release throughout this year.

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