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Life Feels Good is set at a classic, reckless Palmerston North house party in a never-ending summer. Mikey is surrounded by his friends and family, drinking and partying through a long weekend.


The beginning of the videos starts with the aftermath of the party from the night before that quickly turns into another party, before ending with the beginning of yet another party.



It's 2pm and Mikey is the first up from partying the night before. Poolside and smoking a blunt, Mikey is examining the damage and the countless people passed out around the yard. 

He goes inside to find Just The Norms heating up the knives he offers Mikey a spot but Mikey declines and keeps walking through the house. In every room there is a few of the bros who have found funny ways to crash out for the night.

Mikey walks out to the front yard where he realises that people are pulling up to the house for another party. At first, Mikey doesn't know if he's ready to go again, until he gets offered a beer by Cody. Mikey vortekes the beer and launches the party into motion. 

The party kicks off and the house is filled with people. Throughout the chaos, we see real remnants of a party in the 6. Bottles of Ruby, someone drinking the kings cup, blazing and two people fighting over something pointless.

The performance shots will be inspired by late 90s and early 2000s punk/pop music videos. Ultra wide angles and fast paced movements - mimicking the energy of the party.

All is going well until the elderly white neighbour starts banging on the door and is greeted by Shay. Who is completely naked. In a rage, the neighbour threatens to call the police but Shay manages to convert him with a bottle of "Milson Line" beer. He joins the chaos and starts drinking and isn't seen until much later in the night where he's emerging from a room with two girls... and Shay.

The party rages on until the early morning. Once again we see passed out partygoers around the house and yard, bottles and cans everywhere. And Mikey. Poolside, smoking a blunt.




In the initial concept. There is the elderly neighbour who gets converted into a party-goer. In an alternative plot. The music video could focus on the elderly neighbour from the beginning. 

From the beginning, the old man is depicted as a sour, angry person. He gets increasingly annoyed as the party next door gets bigger, louder and crazier. 

He decides to go next door to try shut the party down but ultimately changes his mind and embraces the party. 

The second half of the video remains similar to the initial concept but focusses on the old man more.

This version could end with the old man's wife coming in to the house to find him passed out on the floor.


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