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The film opens with exterior establishing drone shots of the forest. In the final drone shot we see Will emerging from the forest.

There is a wide shot moving towards the car. Will, also moving towards the car, enters the frame. The camera is at the height of Will’s hand. He’s holding an aged/dirty  polaroid picture.


There is a vintage car parked on an abandoned road between two pine forests.  The rear lights are on and there is a light smoke coming from the exhaust.


The camera pulls out to the right as Will approaches the drivers door. The camera orbits around the front of the car and enters the passenger window. 


Will closes the door. The verse starts.

Layer 1.png


Will begins to drive the car and perform his verse. His face is dirty and there is dirt and ash on his singlet.

The camera is positioned outside of the opened passenger window looking through the car at will.

When Will says “But I’m alone now” The camera zooms slowly into the rearview mirror, showing the road travelled. He then readjusts the mirror which reveals a woman in the backseat.  


It then cuts to a tracking shot from behind the car that shows the car speeding off.


A long drone shot tracks over the top of the car then seems to go upside down. 



Between the verse and pre chorus. There is a mix of shots that show both will driving/performing and establishing shots of the forest.

Layer 1.png
Layer 1.png
forest house.png
forest house car.png


Will arrives at a recently abandoned house in the forest. He exits the car and stands in front of the house. 


He turns around and his car is gone.  He looks at the polaroid photo one more time before walking towards the front door. 


As he approaches the door, he notices that the door is slightly open. 


He looks down at the ground, theres muddy footprints and a trail of liquid leading out of the house.  This confuses Will slightly but he enters anyway.

Layer 1.png


Will enters the house and senses a presence. He feels as though he’s not alone.


As he walks around the house, we’re left wondering what has happened here. The furniture is covered and there is dust everywhere. 


Will is slowly walking thru the living room when he suddenly sees the woman from the car standing in front of an open door down a hallway. He looks at her, frozen. She steps back into the room. Will walks down the hallway to find her. 


As he enters through the door, he’s sees that the room is filled with floating polaroid pictures, similar to the one he was holding earlier. 


He walks thru the room examining the pictures until the camera pulls into one specific picture. 


We then enter the world of that photo.

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Layer 1.png



The second verse begins with an ambient synth intro. During this time, the viewer is introduced to the world of the photograph. 


The scene opens with a wide establishing shot of an eerie/empty carpark at sunset.


In the middle of the carpark, there is a phone booth brightly lit with green and red lights. Will is inside. The camera is tracking towards the phone booth at a steady rate. Will’s verse begins.


Will begins performing his verse on the phone. As the camera gets close to Will, a woman passes thru the frame from right to left in the foreground, covering the entire frame. As she exits left, Will looks at her, hangs up the phone and leaves the booth. 


Will follows her thru the empty carpark. The shot cuts to Will’s feet and as he’s walking, his feet start dragging along the ground as he slowly starts levitating.    

Layer 1.png
flower bitch.png



As we enter the second half of the verse, the beat picks up, and so too does the momentum of the shots.


The first half of this section will feature 4 different scenes, frozen in time, that depict the gradual demise of the relationship.


The camera makes a vertical orbit over the top of each scene which acts as a transition into the next scene. 


The first orbit scene is Will and the woman laying in a bright arrangement of flowers. The second orbit shows Will and the woman exiting their car. The third orbit shows Will and the woman  in a heated argument. The fourth and final orbit has Will laying alone in a arrangement of dead flowers.


Will closes his verse with a performance shot outside the house. He lights a Zippo and tosses it on the ground. The camera stays locked on Will and we begin to see an orange light flickering on Will’s face.


We pull closer in to Will’s face to get a stronger sense of his emotion. We can see the reflection of fire in Will’s eyes.


The shot cuts to behind Will. The house is completely engulfed in flames. Will looks back down at his hand. He’s still holding his dirty old polaroid picture. 


Will is on the verge of crying but he looks at his photo and feels a sense of hope. A sense that not all is lost. He walks in to the dark forest.


Will leaves the burning house but can’t let go of what made it a home.


Holding on to fragments of our trauma is what keeps up trapped in a cycle... 

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