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Toby, a manager of a small second-hand/antique store is shocked when the young woman from a mysterious picture in the shop, walks through the door.


We're introduced to Toby as he's walking up to his antique store to open it for the day. As he walks through the doors towards the counter, he's looking around the store making sure everything is in order.

In this store, Toby likes to make sure everything is aligned and positioned perfectly. He's content with his store and his responsibilities, taking great care of the store and it's many artifacts

Toby has a special interest in one of the items. A Victorian era portrait of a beautiful young woman. The photo is encased within an old dusty frame that hangs near the counter. Toby often fantasises what life would be like with this woman. 

While gazing in admiration at this photo, the bell above the door dings and a woman enters the store. He glances at her briefly before doing a quick double take. She looks exactly like the woman in the photo (albeit with modern clothing). 

Shocked, Toby hits the deck before peeking over the counter. The woman is casually browsing some clothes. He gets back on the ground, trying to sum up the courage to talk to her. After a few deep breaths, he's ready... He stands up only to find that she is standing right in front of the counter

Flustered, Toby tries to quickly make up an excuse as to why he was on the floor but can't seem to construct a sentence in the moment. She interrupts and asks for some help with finding a jacket. Toby obliges and begins to show her around the store.

As they browse the clothing and trinkets together, their chemistry builds and they become quite playful together. Soon, they're running around the store and trying on a variety of mixed up outfits spanning all eras. They're also drinking champagne out of the stores old glassware. 

Toby blindfolds the woman with the intent of surprising her. He walks her down an aisle towards the counter. He removes the blindfold, revealing the old picture. Her look of excitement gradually turns to confusion as she inspects the photo. She reaches out to touch the mysterious photo, then the frame begins to glow. The glowing light becomes so intense that all that can be seen is white. 

It's a saturated and bright day when Toby re-emerges in front of an old Victorian castle, wearing clothing of that era. As he enters the castle walls, he finds the woman from the store. Also dressed in Victorian clothing. She's standing at a door looking at Toby, before turning away into the castles interior. 

Toby begins walking through the old hallways in pursuit of the woman. He finds her sitting on a throne in a banquet hall. As he approaches the throne, she picks up a small bell and rings it.

Toby is now back at the store, he emerges from his day dream as the sound of the door bell rings through the store. He quickly turns to the door expecting the woman from the photo to walk in. Instead he is greeted by a sweet old lady looking for some antiques. 


Potential Location: Camp Hill Antique Centre


the castle

Potential Location: Sunshine Castle, Bli Bli (Sunshine Coast)

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